My god I never realised how crap I was (and still am) at spelling. I am re-writing my boarding school 
spangel story so this is the second draft and i spelt one as WON i mean how bad was my spelling 3 years
ago. This could take awhile to post, cos im re-writing it by hand and when I get back from my hols. 


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To anyone who's reading this,

Thank god!!!! No more course work means I can finally write up my fic !!!!!
I still have eams so might take ages to type up cos I went old skool with this one. Can people give me tips on writing a fic???? Also on how to submit to communities????




hay i aint posted here in ages hahahai might put up a story im writing but may take awhile as it is un betaed
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untiled fic

Pitch black night. Two motorbikes rev up and speed of down a dirt road. The large crowd that had gathered were cheering for the one in black called Gunn. The small gang to the side not really paying attention to the race were talking about the new boy starting the next day. The leader Angel turned to the rest to give his orders. "Wes I want you to hack into the school system. And see what you can find out about him. Doyle ask around see what people know. Cordy can you charm Snyder and see what he’ll tell you. I don’t want some….Newbie coming in and trying to take over the school. I’ve worked to hard to get where I am." Angel looked at the gang with anger in his eyes. He had good reason to be angry he had come to the school just an Irish farm boy whose gran had paid for him. Over the last two years he had proven himself time and time again. Cordy walked up to him and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder "Don’t worry Ang, we wont let that happen co if you go back to being the ‘Irish farm boy’, I’d be the ‘little princess’, Wes would still be ‘book guy’, Doyle’ll be ‘the Mick’ and Gunn well.. No one would even say his name. Were looking after our own assess as well." Angel looked at Cordelia, then at Wesley and Doyle and then to Gunn who at some point has finished the race and had joined them. "Thanks guys, hay Gunn did you win?"

"Course man, but I gotta pay for this term so im broke again." Gunn had to pay his own way through so he did odd jobs for people in the town and races to pay. "Don’t ya worry baby we’ll all help ya out" Doyle said walking over to Gunn and enclosing him in a loving hug, they had been going out for little a year. "So what did you want me to do boss?" Gunn said turning turning to face Angel. "You’re with me, we’re gonna brake into the office to night and take a look at his records." Gunn’s attention had turned from Angel to Doyle who was now kissing his way from his collarbone to his lips. Wes and Cordy had already left for their dorm rooms. Angel had planed to leave at one and it was already one thirty. "Come on lover boy, we got a job to do." Gunn manages to push Doyle of, of him. Doyle whimpers at the loss of contact and lunges for him again. Gunn steps back "I gotta go do this babes. I’ll see you back in our dorm room. I’ll only be a couple of hours or so, we brake in there so often they might as well give us a key. Keep the bed warm okay baby." Gunn walks off next to Angel with a smile on his face with the knowledge of what will be waiting for him.


Angel’s gang were sitting at their table in the dinning room. "So what’d you find out last night?" Wes said starting their morning meeting. "Well he comes from a rich family in London. He has straight A’s in all subjects! But he got kicked out of his last school ‘cos he got into a fight with the head. His defence was that he was coming on to him."

"Well I got from Snyder he’s taking Greek, Latin, English, History and P.E," Cordy had seen Snyder the head teacher, who had a soft spot for her. He would give her any information she needed. "So what you get Wes?" Wes had spent the night before hacking into the school system. "Well same as you ‘cept that after the fight there was an investigation and turns out that the head and he were in fact having a relationship and the school fired the teacher. But I got his name William James Hughes!" the gang started to laugh, the head teacher walked into the hall and everyone stood "good morning school." Mrs Summers stood on the stage. "Good morning Mrs Summers". No matter how much they hated school they always liker her, she was fair and understood the students. The school sat down all except Mrs Summers who was standing in front of the microphone. "Well students, as I’m sure your aware we have a new student in the school. He will be going into year 13. He comes from London; well I’ll let him introduce himself." Mrs Summers walked of to her seat while a boy of about 18 walked up to the microphone. He was short, well shorter than Angel. He had platinum blond hair and bright piecing blue eyes. He had his left ear pieced three times and his left eyebrow pieced. Angel leaned into the gang "I didn’t expect him to look like that." The gang nodded their agreement. "Hi my names William James Hughes. I come from southeast London. I speak 4 languages English, Latin, Ancient Greek and Japanese and im currently learning Irish Gallic." He stops talking as Mrs Summers stands "Does anyone have a question for William?" Buffy the ‘school bike’ stood up "Yeah why have you got so many piecing and have you got any tattoos?" The rest of the school started to mumble in agreement or comment "Well I got the piecing’s cos I like them and I do have a tattoo it’s of a railroad spike." And before any one could raise there arm to ask why he got that done he told them, "and I got that done cos it’s my nick name." Jenny the school gossip who had the biggest crush on the history teacher Mr Giles and happened to be Buffy’s best friend stood up. "Why’s your name Spike? And… where’s your tattoo?" Mr Giles started to tell William that he didn’t have to answer if he didn’t want to, but ‘Spike’ just put his hand up to stop him and started to explain. "Well the tattoos across my chest from my left nipple to just above my hip on my right side. It’s my nickname as when I was five my farther and sister were attacked by a man with a railroad spike my dad died in the ambulance but my sister Drusilla was left with serious brain damage. So I got it done so that I never forget what that arsehole did to my family." The school was shocked into silence at the fact that he had told them but more so at how calm he seemed while telling them. "So any more questions?"

"Yeah" Angel stood up, they all started to talk between themselves at how someone could stand up and ask a question after that. "Well what ya wanna know?" the students heads were going back and forth from Spike to Angel like they were watching a game of tennis. "Well I heard ya got kicked outa your old school cos ya got in a fight with a teacher?" The whole school gaped at this revelation; no one who had transferred to the school had been expelled for fighting. "Well yeah it was self defence. He was coming on to me and all and I was so not interested so I defended myself." The hall was filled with a buzz as they talked about it. "Well I heard that you were having a sexual relationship with ‘im and that ‘e was married. Did he break it off wiv ya? Is that why you got into a fight." Everyone was silent. William walked off stage while Angel was dragged out of the hall to Mrs Summers office.

"Liam Daniel O’Connor, how dare you! He’s new here we WILL welcome him. You better not bring up the subject of his dismissal ever again. Ah come in William." Spike walks in, looks at Angel and walks straight to Mrs Summers. "You wanted to see me Mrs?" Angel look at Spike properly for the fist time, his bleached hair his piecing blue eyes chiselled cheekbones and the peicing’s, he could feel himself getting hard just looking at him. "Yes William, I wanted you to meet your room mate Liam O’Connor. Liam you will be sharing you room with William Hughes. Any problems? No well I think after you’re little out burst earlier you have something to say to William? Well im waiting?" Angel just stood there. "Well if you won’t say it in my presence, Liam will help you to unpack William."


"So which is your bed then?" Spike walked in to the large dorm room. It consisted of two large beds, two desks, two wardrobes and a door leading of to the on suit bathroom it also had a large …..Inch plasma T.V. "the left and I take the first shower in the morning and if I use all the hot water then tuff shit." Spike puts his stuff on his bed and started to unpack. "So where did your hear that stuff about me?" Spike hadn’t looked at Angel since he had entered the room. "Well I heard you were coming, I just needed info on you ‘cos if you came here with a plan to take over I needed an inside look at ya. I had my mate Wes hack into the school system, me and me mate Gunn broke into the office and… why am I telling you this?" Angel said to Spike who still hadn’t looked at him. "Don’t know mate maybe ‘cos you feel guilty. I mean I’ve done some mean shit in my time but that takes the biscuit. I mean didn’t you fink how that would affect me?" Spike had now finished unpacking and was now staring at his chipped black nail varnish. "Was it true?" Spike doesn’t answer he just starts taking off his nail varnish to re-apply it. Angel walks out and goes to find Wes to make sure he was ready for P.E.